SDL introduced the next generation of its intelligent content platform, SDL Tridion. The platform is designed to assist organizations with their digital transformation by addressing the full spectrum of single source content for employees, partners and customers. Offering content management, combined with SDL’s AI, Translation Management and Neural Machine Translation technologies, SDL Tridion creates a single source of truth for all enterprise information. Customers typically use SDL Tridion as a Digital Experience Hub to drive omnichannel experiences, and as their Enterprise Knowledge Hub to manage in-depth information such as documentation, policies, procedures and other business critical information on an internal portal or intranet. SDL Tridion comprises of four components that can be deployed together – or independently – on premises, in the cloud or in a hybrid environment:

  • SDL Tridion Sites: SDL’s Web Content Management (WCM) offering centralizes web and mobile sites onto a single platform, connecting people, processes and information across teams, markets and brands for impactful digital experiences across any channel and in any language. A new user experience introduced in SDL Tridion Sites – Experience Space – offers a workspace that helps organizations to build and activate digital experiences with fewer clicks and intelligent, predictive defaults. It also speeds up onboarding of new employees and reduces training needs.
  • SDL Tridion Docs: SDL’s offering for multilingual Component Content Management (CCM) democratizes the process of knowledge creation by making it easier for organizations to author structured content. The user experience – Collective Space – opens up new possibilities for subject matter experts (SMEs) and occasional contributors to collaborate and share knowledge in a controlled way without the need to understand and work directly with the underlying XML.
  • SDL Tridion Delivery: With its single-source publishing, SDL Tridion’s managed content can be delivered in any type of output format – and in any language. Content only needs to be authored once, and is automatically converted into multiple output types. SDL Tridion Delivery supports headless, dynamic, personalized and responsive web delivery, API-based access to content, XML or JSON output, RSS streams, static HTML, Help files, and eLearning – all the way to automatically formatted and accessible PDFs or print output.
  • SDL Tridion Accelerators: Accelerators bring together prebuilt connectors, sample code, and documentation that help unlock enterprise information stored across the business. They connect external content and data repositories to SDL Tridion. By integrating Digital Asset Management, Customer Relationship Management, Commerce Systems and storage repositories with SDL Tridion, organizations benefit from a single source of truth across their information architecture.