Better language models and their implications

OpenAI reports results using an unsupervised language model that generates coherent paragraphs of text. The examples are impressive. An additional reason to check this post and their site is the decision not to share the full models because of concerns they will be used for malicious purposes. This seems well-intended but is controversial. Read More

Google Translate & Wittgenstein

While we’re on the topic of language models. I love it when philosophers get credit, and this example is a favorite. In this quick read, Olivia Goldhill does a great job explaining how Google Translate, and other neural networking based natural language applications, are a manifestation of Wittgenstein’s theory of language. Read More

How fast can you go from structured content to working front-end?

Experienced content strategists and web developers know that collaborating as early as possible is the safest and fastest route to success. Chris Atherton shares a short engaging case study that is useful for educating nontechnical colleagues on why early iterative collaboration is important even for “simple projects”. Read More

Google, Dropbox, and the “one-window test”

Scott Brinker on platforms, integration, and DX. The same test, and advice, is useful when building your own non-SaaS, or mixed, systems.

“Does X integrate with Y?” is a deceptively oversimplified yes/no question. In the cloud, the answer is almost always “yes.” It’s kind of like calling a restaurant and asking if they combine ingredients together. Sure they do. But how tasty is the meal? How attentive is the service? How reasonable is the price? Read More

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