Fivesite, the UK Company of website designers, released a new version of its unique content management system (CMS). Named Fivesuite, the CMS simplifies the process of administering and running a website. Fivesite’s goal in developing their CMS was to create a product analogous to Microsoft Windows. The majority of computer users are very familiar with Windows, so a product working along the same lines would be easy to learn. Additionally, the company’s web designers have also ensured that the CMS complies with all Web 2.0 and 3.0 standards. This helps users add the latest web technologies to their site, and also increases a site’s accessibility and aesthetic appeal. Since every business has a unique set of needs and requirements, Fivesuite is personalized to be customized for each client. This means they are no longer limited by options they need but don’t have, or vice versa. Similar to programs or applications found in Windows, Fivesuite offers “objects” for various functions. One example is the Free Style Editor Object, which allows users to change and modify pages. The CMS also allows managers to assign varying levels of privileges to users. Authorized users can even change the design and layout of pages, without any HTML or stylesheet scripting.