Atex announced the latest release of its Polopoly Web content management system, designed to support a widget plug-in framework for adding third-party components to a website with little software development required. The new release, version 9.14, represents the latest phase of the Atex “Polopoly as a Platform” initiative, where media companies can pick and choose the applications to add to websites, aimed to give more control and flexibility over how sites are built and deployed. Software developers can create and exchange elements with other developers using the Polopoly widget plug-in model. This could help reduce the overall cost of Polopoly website development as companies can acquire new elements instead of building them in-house. Atex plans to create a “storefront” to sell and swap digital components. Atex has a plug-in available to allow connectivity between Polopoly and its A-Series Digital Asset Management system so that editors can instantly publish archive material online. Polopoly 9.14 sites can also take advantage of products offered by third-party vendors to provide fully packaged and validated integrations. Services like video streaming, social media apps, content gating, pay-per-view models, and other Internet functionalities can be added via Polopoly widget plug-ins.