Clarabridge announced the general availability of Clarabridge Enterprise 4. Clarabridge Enterprise 4 includes the addition of an Ad-Hoc Uploader, upgrades to the Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Sentiment Engines, new collaboration tools in the Classification Suite and built-in Early Warnings and Alerts. Sentiment Engine Upgrades: clause-based sentiment and classification, along with a multitude of core engine enhancements; as well as added support for classifying data in foreign languages. Classification Templates to provide quick-start templates for analysts developing category models. Collaboration changes such as locking of models to prevent changes, rule history and roll back functionality, color-coding as a visual aid for maintaining models, and a preview feature. Early Warnings & Alerts: statistical warning and alert engines aimed at helping users proactively address customer experience issues by alerting them to anything that exceed defined thresholds. Ad-Hoc Uploader: The Ad-Hoc Uploader is designed to upload feedback sources for analysis directly from browsers.