Ecordia has announced the availability of its new predictive content analysis application, the Ecordia Content Optimizer. Designed for copywriters, journalists, and SEO practitioners, this content analysis application provides automated intelligence and recommendations for improving the structure of content prior to publishing. Available for free, this turn-key web application provides a number of features to aid writers in the creation and validation of content including: advanced keyword research during authoring; detailed scoring of your content based on 15 proven SEO techniques; automated recommendations on how you can improve your content for search engines; intelligent keyword extraction that compares your content to popular search terms; sophisticated Keyword Analysis that scores your keyword usage based on 5 statistical formulas. The Ecordia Content Optimizer has been in beta development for over a year and is currently in use by a number of SEO practitioners. The Ecordia Content Optimizer provides content analysis capabilities ideally suited for web publishers who wish to: improve their quality score for landing pages used in PPC campaigns; SEO professionals that want to validate and review content prior to publishing; blog sites that wish to improve the quality of their ads from contextual ad networks; and PR Practitioners that want to optimize their press release prior to publishing. The Ecordia Content Optimizer is licensed on a per user monthly subscription.