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Day: September 10, 2009

Avantstar Releases Transit Solutions 9

Avantstar, Inc.has announced the release of Transit Solutions 9, file conversion and web publishing software that takes content originally designed for print or offline use, such as policies and procedures information, and publishes it as fully formatted web content. Transit Solutions is designed to help IT departments and web content managers keep up with the high volume of website changes generated everyday by not only automatically converting and publishing hundreds of file types as HTML, but also recognizing and automatically linking within documents (not just among them). Transit also publishes entire information folders on a preset schedule. New features in Transit Solutions 9 include: a redesigned Edit Template window that combines preview, publication hierarchy and properties into one window, making it easier to access commonly used features to edit web page templates; enhanced support for embedded content in Microsoft Word 2007, Excel 2007 and PowerPoint 2007; support for merged cells in Excel and tables within tables; as well as enhanced conversion support for Star Office and Open Office suites.

Conversations with Globalization Solution Providers

The research for Gilbane’s 2009 study on Multilingual Product Content: Transforming Traditional Practices Into Global Content Value Chains was supported by seven companies with proven track records in content globalization. Their technologies and services are used by market-leading companies to create competitive advantage with multilingual content.

One of the goals of this blog is to provide buyers and adopters with a variety of perspectives on content globalization strategies, practices, and solutions. The Multilingual Product Content study is authored from our own analyst perspective, drawing on the results of research. The user perspective is captured in the profiles included in the report; they describe the global content value chains deployed at Adobe, BMW Motorrad, Cisco Systems, HP, Mercury Marine, and New York City Department of Education.

To bring the solution supplier perspective into the mix, over the next month or so we’ll publish a series of brief interviews with study sponsors Acrolinx, Jonckers, Lasselle-Ramsay, LinguaLinx, STAR Group, Systran, and Vasont Systems. A representative from each company answers three questions:

  1. What role does your company play in the global content value chain?
  2. Why did you elect to sponsor Gilbane’s research?
  3. What was the most compelling or interesting result to come out of the research?

Readers will be able to comment on the interviews and ask questions of the supplier. We’ll post answers that are appropriate for sharing.

Our first interview with Suzanne Mescan from Vasont will be published next week.

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