Vignette Corporation (NASDAQ: VIGN) announced the release of Vignette Content Management Audit Solutions. The solutions allow organizations to track and archive changes across multiple Web sites and provide a simplified process for meeting operational or regulatory auditing compliance requirements. In addition to enabling compliance, Vignette Content Management Audit Solutions help organizations optimize and improve operational Web site management processes by reporting on content creation, contribution and user trends that can identify system or process bottlenecks. Once an organization knows how and when its content is being managed, it can easily make modifications to drive efficiency and reduce the amount of time it takes to publish fresh content. Vignette Content Management Audit Solutions are available in complimentary and enhanced packages. Vignette Content Management Audit, included within the Vignette Content Management console, includes event history views. The enhanced offering allows organizations to leverage on-demand reporting of events, users and time periods in a dashboard or drill down format in order to identify trends.