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Day: June 2, 2009

Sitecore Announces Online Marketing Suite

Sitecore announced the Sitecore Online Marketing Suite for organizations to unify Web content management capabilities, Web analytics and marketing automation for greater customer engagement and personalization. Sitecore’s Online Marketing Suite (OMS) helps marketers track and better understand their online visitors and initiatives. Sitecore’s new marketing suite provides Web analytics out-of-the-box, without coding. Content editors can profile their content upon creation, establishing the relevancy for segmentation analysis and the delivery of targeted content. The software then automatically develops profiles on site visitors based on browsing behavior, geographical IP identification, and data collected through forms and survey submissions. Using content delivery rules and filters, Sitecore delivers targeted, action-orientated content and offers. The Online Marketing Suite’s A/B and multivariate testing lets marketers define and execute tests. With Sitecore’s CMS delivering the website user interaction and experience, the OMS analytics data now tells the story of a site visitor’s experience. The software measures online advertising campaign effectiveness and increases the agility of the campaign with immediate correlation between campaign initiatives and specific website goals. The campaign tracking is integrated with the site visitor session detail, recording further interests and actions automatically and providing full insight into the actual ROI of campaigns. Sitecore’s Online Marketing Suite will be generally available on June 30, 2009.

Deep Web Technologies Introduces Automatic Federated Search Builder

Deep Web Technologies introduced Search Builder, an automatic deep web search-engine creation tool. This tool enables Deep Web Technologies’ clients to personalize the federated search experience for particular individuals, departments, classrooms or other groups that require different default collections and/or a modified user experience when conducting deep web searches. In short, Search Builder makes it possible to deliver any number of individualized federated search portals within an organization. Search Builder allows administrators or authorized users to create as many federated search portals as needed, which represent privately branded search pages containing different default collections and search fields used for the search, as well as customized user experience. Future plans include integrating Search Builder into Deep Web Technologies’ free media sites, Mednar (, Biznar (, and (

EMC Expands Developer Resources for Enterprise Content Management

EMC Corporation (NYSE:EMC) announced free, full-function developer editions of its enterprise content management (ECM) products and launched two new online communities dedicated to EMC Documentum and XML developers. Through the Documentum and XML communities, developers will have open access to resources that includes code samples, tutorials, full product documentation and “getting started” guides. EMC Documentum Content Server Developer Edition provides developers free access and offers a “one-click” deployment that can be run on a laptop so that developers can quickly start creating their Documentum-based solutions. EMC Documentum xDB Developer Edition provides developers a scalable, high performance, native XML database at no cost for development and testing. .NET Productivity Suite makes it easier for developers to conduct integrations with Microsoft applications such as SharePoint by allowing them to work exclusively in a Microsoft environment. EMC Documentum Content Services for Salesforce CRM allows developers to embed Documentum content services within Salesforce CRM. All products are available today. The free developer editions of Content Server and xDB are for development, testing and trial only. Standard licensing fees apply for production and run-time deployments.

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