Hippo, developer of web-based, open source Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and Portal software, has launched a full product and support offering around the latest version of Apache Jetspeed, version 2.2 released on May 28th, supporting the Portal 2.0 specification. Hippo’s developers, with ten officially recognized committers already noted for their commitment to a range of The Apache Software Foundation’s projects, have contributed to the community effort to develop Jetspeed 2.2. Hippo’s close involvement in the Jetspeed community enables it to bring training, consulting and 24×7 support for the new version straight to the market, and to offer Jetspeed 1.x and 2.1 users an upgrade package and full support. Jetspeed is an open source Enterprise Information Portal using Java and XML to collect and present information from multiple sources via an intuitive and user-friendly interface. As a product of The Apache Software Foundation (ASF), one of the open source organizations dedicated to collaborative software development, Jetspeed is available for free under the business-friendly Apache License. Hippo’s own product range features full integration with Jetspeed 2.2, including Hippo CMS 7, the Hippo Site Toolkit and the integrated ECM suite. Its products provide organizations with solutions for content management and online collaboration. The new release, combined with Jetspeed’s track record of performance, stability and its unmatched support for open standards, is an ideal fit for the highly scalable collaborative intranet and web architectures built on Hippo’s products. http://www.onehippo.com