Content Circles, provider of distributed content management and collaboration solutions, announced the availability of the Content Circles Xerox DocuShare Connector. The Connector allows individuals across geographies to collaborate on projects with DocuShare users securely and in real-time, working online or offline, regardless of firewall restrictions. With the Content Circles Connector, organizations can also collaborate with customers, partners and outside agencies without granting network access to the internal DocuShare system. The Content Circles DocuShare Connector is applied by downloading the software to a computer. A licensed user of DocuShare creates a ‘Circle’ (workgroup) for collaboration, and invites others via email to join. This individual then pulls selected documents from the DocuShare repository and places them into the Circle, which will appear on the desktop of all Circle members’ computers for immediate access. Content Circles tracks which documents have been edited and who has accessed them, creating a secure audit trail for users who are off-line or outside the company, as well as DocuShare users. Content Circles recognizes documents that were originated in DocuShare and enables users to synchronize the changes back to DocuShare for others to see. Content Circle members utilizing the DocuShare Connector can also collaborate on content stored in Microsoft SharePoint, Google Docs, FTP servers, and network drives. The creation and management of Circles requires a paid subscription to Content Circles. Those invited to a Circle can join for free. The Content Circles DocuShare Connector is available immediately and for a limited time at no additional charge.,