April 21, 11:00 am ET

A solid strategy for weathering any economic storm is to forcus on finding and serving your most profitable customers. In any region, in any language, across all interactions. How can global enterprises tune their content practices to support this new laser focus on audience engagement and align their processes with corporate strategic objectives?

Gilbane’s Mary Laplante and Sophie Hurst, Director, Product Marketing at SDL, discuss the issues, challenges and opportunities associated with delivering multilingual content that meets today’s mandate for extraordinary customer experience. Using Gilbane’s research and insights on aligning global content with business value as background, topics include:
  • Market factors influencing global content management practices.
  • Real-world approaches to meeting audience demand for multilingual content, based on Gilbane research and SDL customer solutions.
  • Establishing a roadmap for enhancing global content practices to align them more closely with customer experience initiatives.

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