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Day: November 2, 2008

Is CCM the Bang for Your XML Buck?

Component content management (CCM) has been a focal point for events, presentations, and user engagements in which Gilbane has been involved this fall. Can an enterprise maxmize its investment in XML without implementing component content management? What’s the “over and above” effort required to adopt XML and implement CCM at the same time? Where does CCM make sense — for which applications does CCM deliver the most value to your organization?
We’ll be addressing these questions in a new white paper to be published within the next couple of weeks. You can get sneak peak in a webinar that we’re doing today with XyEnterprise and Research In Motion.
Component content management has become a permanent part of the broader enterprise content management landscape in a relatively short period of time. The need for CCM has naturally emerged after almost two decades of work with structured content. From SGML to HTML now XML, companies have realized that their investments in structured content could reach higher levels of benefit and payback if there were specialized systems designed to support content applications where XML shines – for reuse across content products, for repurposing across media types, for enabling high-quality multilingual communications. Hence a new category of content management systems has made its way to market over the past few years.
At the same time, a number of external market forces have combined to create unprecedented demand for agile content – for content that can be used outside a single context – a single document, a single format, a single language. These forces include a need to capture more revenues across geographic regions, shorter lifecycles of manufactured products, demand for more product customization, and a stronger emphasis on delivering sustainable positive customer experience.
As a result, CCM can deliver value not only for canonical applications such as technical documentation, but also across other applications for technical content, such as customer support and product engineering, and across other enterprise functions, such as contracts management and financial reporting.
The new Gilbane white paper looks at why and how CCM is helping companies extend their investments in XML and XML-based standards such as DITA and S1000D. It’s all just tagged content without ways to put it to work to solve real business problems. The companion webinar features a conversation with Kevin Duffy, president and CEO of XyEnterprise, and Karen Moser and Mark Tiegs from Research In Motion. It takes place Monday, November 3, 1:00 pm. Register here. Send us an email if you’d like a personal notification when the white paper is available.

An international event in Boston

We have always had pretty good international participation at our conferences, and with a month until Gilbane Boston, it is clear this year will be no different. so far we have attendees from 20 countries outside the U.S., which is pretty typical for us. But what is striking is the 15 17 18 international exhibitors that will be at the show, which is about 50% more than usual. Some of it is due to the growth of our coverage of multilingual content applications, but that only accounts for part of the increase. You can see most of the exhibitors at
BTW, the “early-bird” discount is available through November 4th 7th at:

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