I’m at the RSuite User Conference. Day 1 is a fairly technical walkthrough of the product where different Really Strategies consultants and technical product folks will be doing a “CMS in a Day.” After an architectural overview, they are walking through content ingestion, workflow and action handlers, editing options, customization options, and content delivery. By the end of the day, the idea is to show an end-to-end publishing solution.

Eliot Kimber is demonstrating the workflow engine now. Later today, Norm Walsh will give a keynote. And Lisa Bos, Really Strategies’ CTO, is master of ceremonies for the day. That’s a lot of XML brain power in one day.

Tomorrow morning, I interview Gary Cosimini from Adobe in a kind of “fireside chat” format where we will delve into the evolution of Adobe’s creative tools and how they handle XML as well as some broader questions of how XML best fits into publishing workflows. With the upcoming release of CS4, this will be a great opportunity for the audience to hear straight from the horse’s mouth about Adobe’s direction. It will also help put in context Really Strategies’ recent announcement about their Creative Suite Connector for RSuite.