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Day: October 8, 2008

The World is Curved

The announcement of this new book caught my attention for a number of reasons, many obviously due to the state of the financial markets. More attuned to the Globalization practice is that we noted in our Multilingual Communications as a Business Imperative report that:

A common observation made during industry discussion of Internet-driven opportunities is that the proliferation of the worldwide web has made the business world “flat.” In other words, companies of all sizes can compete on a level playing field wherein everyone has the same access to technology and information. While our study respondents acknowledge the “flattening world” as Thomas Friedman has described it, they also recognize that different geographies and cultures have varying and distinct expectations. Thus, generalized information access does not equate to generalized information delivery. From this perspective, a flattening world requires far deeper levels of content relevancy, localization, and personalization than ever before. From this perspective, “one size fits all” is hardly the recipe for success in the global economy.

Risking the wrath of Friedman’ites, we contend that as far as multilingual communications are concerned, the world is most definitely not flat. Giving Friedman his due, David Smick contends that as far as global financial markets are concerned, the world is most definitely curved, where one “can’t see over the horizon and sight lines are limited.” Describing globalization as the great paradox of our time, this review quickly convinced me to put it on the “must read” list.

RSuite CMS Releases Adobe CS3 Connector

RSuite CMS now offers a CS3 Connector for InCopy users. The integration with Adobe’s CS3 enables InCopy users the ability to browse and open XML or InCopy documents in RSuite directly from the Adobe application. The RSuite CS3 Connector allows users to manage their content as XML within RSuite and to create a transformation to and from their own XML content model to the native XML file format of InCopy. This will help publishers who want to manage their content as XML throughout its life-cycle but also want to use the Adobe tools in their editorial and production process. Users can also store and develop workflows around InCopy and InDesign documents in RSuite.

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