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Day: March 12, 2008

Quality at the Source: Achieving Efficiency and Consistency with Translation-Oriented Authoring

Consistency and quality are always the goals with product support content such as technical documentation. Shorter product development cycles that result from growing business demands add to the pressure, often thwarting a documentation team’s best efforts. In this global economy, pressure is further heightened by the need to add multiple language outputs to a growing list of multi-channel deliverables.

When documentation creation gets pushed to the end the product lifecycle, with translation following “somewhere” behind it, the risk of mistakes and customer dissatisfaction is high. In fact, inconsistency within source documentation leads to numerous downstream issues and costs in translation. The impact can’t be underestimated as multilingual product documentation becomes more and more critical in international vertical markets.

On April 9, 2008 at 8:00 am PT/11:00 am ET/ 4 pm GMT, the Gilbane Group discusses translation-oriented authoring as a means to stop the “ripple” effects — higher costs, poor quality, and inefficient processes — caused by generating content without considering multilingual delivery requirements. Join us by registering here.

SYSTRAN Launches Enterprise Server 6 Solution

SYSTRAN announced the release of SYSTRAN Enterprise Server 6, a solution that meets the full range of enterprise language translation needs. Enterprise Server 6 enables corporate users to understand multilingual information in real-time and to deliver consistent and validated translations enabling them to follow best business practices and communicate across different languages. Available in three editions targeted to the small and midsized businesses and enterprise platforms, Enterprise Server 6 addresses complex translation tasks and provides a workbench for managing translation projects. The solution automatically translates all types of documents and files ranging from manuals, procedures, reports, product and support information, content applications, websites, and all written texts. It translates most file types through a Web-based interface or a SYSTRAN Toolbar available on the user desktop. Corporations can integrate it into enterprise applications to drive multilingual information in and across channels, like the enterprise content management system, portal, search, website, etc. Common uses include adding an online translation service to the corporate intranet, on-demand website translation, localization for document workflows, integration with content management systems, databases, and other enterprise applications. SYSTRAN Enterprise Server 6, Workgroup Edition is designed for the small enterprise Intranet with up to 100 users. Price starts at $15,000. SYSTRAN Enterprise Server 6, Standard Edition is designed for the midsize Intranet or Extranet with up to 2,500 users using the Online Tools and Application Packs. Price starts at $30,000. SYSTRAN Enterprise Server 6, Global Edition is designed for enterprises with advanced translation requirements with unlimited user access. Price starts at $150,000.

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