IBM (NYSE: IBM) announced new capabilities in its content classification software used to automatically categorize large volumes of enterprise information, making it easier to find, access and use in the context of enterprise content management systems. With its service-oriented architecture-based capabilities, the IBM Classification Module provides connection to the IBM FileNet P8 content management platform to tackle the categorization of unstructured content, especially content stored or arriving in FileNet repositories. It automates the process of determining whether content is important, and how it should be handled. It can also automatically classify previously unmanaged content or reclassify content already under management so it can be leveraged for business purposes such as records management. The IBM Classification Module helps users to determine the right level of automation for their business scenario, providing a balance between automation and oversight through its configurable confidence levels and workflows designed within the classification review interface. This review capability uses the IBM Classification Module’s real-time learning to provide the system with feedback in order to improve accuracy and automatically adapt to changes. IBM Classification Module is currently available from IBM and IBM Business Partners.