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Day: December 7, 2007

eZ Systems Introduces eZ Publish 4 and Web Content Management Product Designed for News and Media Organizations

eZ Systems announced the immediate availability of eZ Publish 4.0, the latest version of its ECM product. eZ Publish 4.0 features PHP 5-compatibility. eZ Publish is freely downloadable and provides an out-of-the-box Open Source Enterprise Content Management System. The product offers development framework with advanced functionality for web publishing, media portals, intranets, e-commerce and extranets. Specifically, eZ Publish 4.0 will offer the following enhancements to the 3.x series: Complete PHP 5-compatibility, Full support for using eZ’s PHP enterprise components library, Performance improvements, Improved internal XML handling for increased performance and reduced memory usage, Updated Web site interface with new graphical design and enhancements, Improved clustering performance, Multilingual URL support, and Enhanced ISBN and multi-option datatypes. eZ Find, a new extension for eZ Publish 3.x and 4.x, enhances the search functionality on eZ Publish sites and includes features such as relevance ranking, native support for eZ Publish access rights, keyword highlighting and the ability to search sites containing millions of objects. eZ Systems also announced eZ Flow. eZ Flow helps news and media organizations to create dynamic portal pages by scheduling content publication, streaming rich content and managing revenue streams, including pay-per-view and paid content placement. Standard eZ Publish functionality within eZ Flow includes features designed to engage users, including surveys, ratings, tagging, comments, forums, polls and blogs. Multi-user, multi-role access permissions provide complete control over which users – including anonymous site visitors – can create and edit different types of content. With multi-channel exporting, site content can also be published to RSS,, Microsoft Word, and QuarkXPress.

One Laptop Per Child Extends Donate/Buy Program

Looking for a unique and meaningful holiday gift?

OLPC has extended its “Give One, Get One” program through the end of the year. A donation of $399 US (a portion of which may be deductible) covers two XO laptops. OLPC will send one device to a child in an OLPC educational zone, and you’ll get one XO device for yourself (or child in your family or local area). Giving options include donating both XOs covered by your contribution.

A recent article in the WSJ points out alternate approaches to addressing OLPC’s mission (“to empower the children of developing countries to learn by providing one connected laptop to every school-age child”). Regardless of who will ultimately provide solutions that take hold, OLPC offers an affordable way to do some good now. Think of it as an opportunity to give new meaning to the term “social computing.” Happy holidays!

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