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Day: October 1, 2007

Webinar: Moving Search Beyond Finding Stuff

What happens when you combine the social computing principles behind Enterprise 2.0 and enterprise search technology?
Knowledge delivered to the individual becomes knowledge for driving collaboration among individuals who work together. Effectively addressing the first problem–finding the right information at the right time–brings signficant value to an organization. Addressing the second opportunity–sharing the right information at the right time–can bring exponential value to a business.
Lynda Moulton, Gilbane’s lead analyst for enterprise search, and Jerome Pesenti, chief scientist at Vivisimo, discuss advancements in search technology and what they mean to users and overall business value.
Tues, Oct 16, 2:00 pm ET. Registration is open. Attendees will receive an advance copy of the new Gilbane Group white paper, Using Search to Drive Innovation Through Better Collaboration, scheduled for publication in November.

Adobe to Acquire Virtual Ubiquity and ‘Buzzword’

Adobe Systems Incorporated (Nasdaq:ADBE) announced that it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Virtual Ubiquity and its online word processor, Buzzword. Separately, Adobe added a new file sharing service to its current online document services. Codenamed “Share,” the beta service will make it easier than ever for people to share, publish and organize documents online. Buzzword, an online word processor, enables individuals to work together to create high quality, page perfect documents. Built with Adobe Flex software and runs in the Adobe Flash Player, Buzzword enables great document quality, typography, page layout controls, and support for integrated graphics, regardless of the browser or device. The application also will run on Adobe AIR, offering users a hybrid online/offline experience and the ability to work with both hosted and local documents. The collaboration capabilities in Buzzword enable multiple authors to edit and comment on documents from anywhere, at anytime, while document creators can set permissions that virtually eliminate version control chaos. The founders of Virtual Ubiquity will be joining Adobe. Adobe also made available a free online document sharing service, codenamed “Share.” Users simply select the documents they want to share, send a message to recipients, and set whether the files will be publicly accessible or restricted. Additionally, the beta will include a set of REST APIs to let developers create mash-ups with their applications, including storing and accessing files, as well as creating thumbnails and Flash-based previews of documents. People can learn more about the service and sign-up for access at,

Liferay and Terracotta Partner

Liferay, Inc. and Terracotta announced a partnership to integrate the Liferay Portal feature set with the scalability provided by Terracotta. In addition to technical integration, Liferay will bundle Terracotta and serve as a reseller of support. Terracotta offers IT organizations a lightweight approach to scalability that eases the load on application servers and databases. Terracotta uses high-performance mapping of server memory changes, called Network-attached Memory, to share temporary “work-in-progress” data among servers. That makes an application available without placing such temporary data in a relational database.,

New Enterprise Search Engine Specializes In Engineering Documents

Elmo Solutions, experienced in the extraction and processing of CAD and engineering metadata, announced the official launch of Agni Enterprise Search 2008. Agni Enterprise Search is an enterprise search solution designed to meet the distinct needs of CAD, R&D, Engineering and IT managers, end-users and senior managers. Agni Enterprise Search 2008 allows CAD and non-CAD users to index and retrieve a wide range of document formats, including AutoCAD, Autodesk Inventor, Office, eMail, Acrobat, image formats, SolidWorks, Lotus Notes, Visio, etc. Agni Enterprise Search 2008 was designed specifically to maximize document usability and reusability. Agni Enterprise Search allows not only free-form keyword-based searches, but also structured-form metadata-based searches as well. Agni Enterprise Search 2008 features include– Display of document thumbnails, Stemming, Phonic searches, and a query language. The software ships in English and French, and is available as a free, fully functional, 30-day trial license for download directly from the Elmo Website.

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