Ektron, Inc. unveiled the latest version of CMS400.NET. CMS400.NET V7.0 include features such as advanced navigation and built-in taxonomy and introduces geo-encoded mapping and wiki collaboration features which provide navigational taxonomy structure to articles and interwiki links. Ektron’s CMS400.NET Wiki enables organizations to create websites specifically designed for communication, collaboration and sharing information. Explicit structure functionality and enable efficient management of wiki content using Ektron’s Directory Taxonomy, which provides detailed category tagging, search, breadcrumb and navigation for all wiki articles. CMS400.NET v7.0 offers new features to the forums control, including: paging, IP address restriction, automatic restricted word replacement, predefined signature lines, upload and attachment capabilities, RSS subscriptions, history of a member’s posts, user rankings and a terms and conditions disclaimers. Ektron’s built-in blogging technology is enhanced to support blog creation and moderation by registered site members. It also now includes a standard blog API to interface with and get updates from Microsoft Office 2007 and integrate with other desktop blogging tools. CMS400.NET’s new search language API enables the generation of dynamic summaries based on content and assets. Ability to tag and classify content: Ektron’s hierarchal taxonomy classifies and structures web pages and managed documents into logical groupings based on their content. Ektron’s taxonomy provides the option of tagging one piece of content with many different category associations. It can also be used to limit the scope of a search to reduce the amount of irrelevant content returned. Ektron’s GeoMapping functionality enables content to be tagged with longitude and latitude coordinates to leverage Microsoft Virtual Earth and Google Earth. http://www.ektron.com