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Day: March 5, 2007

The question of culture

I recently spoke about language needs with a person who works in a multinational company. She mentioned that although English was the official corporate language, and all employees in different countries spoke it, issues arose when non-native speakers communicated with each other. The problem was not with special terminology, which everyone knew well, but rather with an incorrect tone of the message.

My native Finnish is a good example of a language which is quite different from e.g. Latin languages. We use a lot of the passive tone, and rather straightforward sentences, with little or no flourishes. When “translated” literally e.g. into English, the message can sound curt or commanding, due to lack of words like “please”, “I would like to…” etc. A Finn could happily say “I want a steak” in a restaurant, without thinking that it sounds different from “Could I have a steak, please”. On the other hand, a Finn would find a typical US user manual with its extremely exact instructions almost offensive to his or her intelligence.

A translator or an interpreter knows such cultural differences and takes them into account. But an increasing number of people communicates daily with each other in a non-native language. (All the worse when the communication is done mainly via email, where short sentences, typos and too many recipients on the cc: line add to the problem!) Knowing the special terminology is essential, but not enough. This also means that companies need to think about testing the language skills of their employees, and about giving them language and cultural training. After all, a satisfied customer would expect to hear not just the right words, but the right message.

CrownPeak Launches Interactive Agencies Program

CrownPeak announced its CrownPeak for Interactive Agencies Program. The program helps agencies provide customized and unique Web site management solutions without the overhead, time constraints and worry about technological limitations. CrownPeak Partner agencies can now outsource a complete Web site management platform, or work directly in the CrownPeak CMS to integrate their custom solutions. The agency program allows qualified, participating agencies to do as much or as little of the CMS implementation, development or support as they are comfortable with. This also allows them to earn additional revenue from both the services side and the software side as a CrownPeak reseller. The CrownPeak for Interactive Agencies Program offers the following three tiers of involvement: CrownPeak Partner Agency – Agencies simply sell CrownPeak to customers or introduce CrownPeak to opportunities. CrownPeak takes care of all implementation and support; CrownPeak Enabled Agency – Agencies enable their teams to implement and support CrownPeak’s software solutions for their customers. Agencies get special pricing, training and specialized support; CrownPeak Certified Agency – All CrownPeak partners can become CrownPeak Certified for either just design and strategy or full implementation of the software. CrownPeak Certified Agencies receive direct leads from CrownPeak’s sales team. The new program provides CrownPeak Enabled Agencies with a free instance of CrownPeak Software to use for demonstrations and/or for the agency’s own Web site management. CrownPeak will also provide developer training, sales materials and a dedicated CrownPeak Partner Representative to qualified agencies. In return, and in order to stay qualified, CrownPeak asks partner agencies to bring at least one new customer to CrownPeak CMS per year.

Day Delivers Connectivity for Microsoft SharePoint

Day Software (SWX:DAYN)(OTC:DYIHY) announced their latest repository connector that are compliant with the Content Repository for Java Technology API standard (JSR 170) is for Microsoft SharePoint. The Microsoft SharePoint connector is part of Day’s Content Integration family of products that enable enterprises to access and manage all organizational content through a standardized API. This technology allows the implementation of content access, synchronization and consolidation even if the content resides in data stores that do not provide a JCR compliant API.

Interwoven Announces Content Optimization Solutions for Global Enterprises

Interwoven, Inc. (NASDAQ:IWOV) announced a series of new solutions to help organizations turn content into an asset for improving customer relationships and driving top-line revenue growth. The portfolio includes Interwoven Segmentation and Analytics, a new solution for increasing the conversion of prospects to customers across online channels; Interwoven Collaborative Document Management, an enhanced solution for improving enterprise collaboration of document-intensive business processes; and Interwoven Brand Management and Interwoven Multi-Channel Delivery. The Interwoven Segmentation and Analytics solution includes Interwoven Targeting, a new product that provides online customer segmentation and a dynamic content-targeting rules engine. In conjunction with this announcement, Interwoven has partnered with WebSideStory, to integrate and resell WebSideStory’s HBX and Visual Sciences analytics products as part of the Segmentation and Analytics solution. Interwoven WorkSite MP 5.0, provides users with enhanced search capabilities and a richer user experience using Ajax and other new Web-based technologies and services. WorkSite MP 5.0 also includes capabilities for facilitating eDiscovery and email management, and improved language support including double-byte support. An upcoming release to MediaBin, Interwoven’s Digital Asset Management (DAM) product, will bring numerous performance, usability, and compatibility enhancements, including new Digital Camera Raw file support and 2D and 3D CAD file support. The Interwoven Segmentation and Analytics solution, Interwoven Targeting, and the Interwoven Collaborative Document Management solution will be generally available later this month. The Interwoven Brand Management and Interwoven Multi-Channel Delivery solutions will be generally available in the first half of 2007.

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