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Day: January 11, 2007

Emagine Releases New Version of its Web CMS & Web Application Framework emagiC CMS.Net v4.0

Emagine announced that it has released a new version of its emagiC CMS.Net framework. The new version v4.0, released early January 2007, is a targeted towards Enterprise Content Management and opens the way for e-Government applications. Version 4.0 now includes connectors for MS Office and MS SharePoint Portal Server. On security level, Emagine has partnered with Intesi Group for the integration of eID (Electronic IDentity Card) authentication and real-time identity card verification. And, the new version has extensive support for high traffic websites based on a load balancing system (web farms). The MS Office connector let you view and edit documents, stored in the emagiC CMS.Net document library, directly from within MS Office. No need to enter the emagiC CMS.Net administration interface, download the document, make changes and upload it again to the server. Just open MS Office and connect to the emagiC CMS.Net document library. The emagiC CMS.Net SharePoint connector adds the possibility to display content from MS SharePoint Portal Server into the emagiC CMS.Net website. SharePoint lists can be added to any page in emagiC CMS.Net. As with any emagiC CMS.Net module, you control the information that you want to be displayed and the way you want it to be displayed. The SharePoint connector uses SharePoint Web Services. This way, the security settings defined in SharePoint will apply to the credentials specified for the SharePoint connector.

SearchInform Introduces New Version of SearchInform

SearchInform Technologies Inc. introduced a new version of SearchInform, a program of full text search and search for documents with similar content, featuring new interface settings as well as an enhanced functionality. In the new version, owing to implementation of new auto searching servers, work with previously created indexes stored in the local network became less complicated. Now whenever you want to add a new index, SearchInform will automatically scan the network and show all existing indexes available for connection. SearchInform Server’s performance in the local network has been enhanced and the analysis function upgraded leading to improved performance. Main features of SearchInform 3.2.08. Phrase search with due consideration to stemming and thesaurus, New SoftInform Search Technology of search for similar documents, High indexing speed (from 15 to 30 Gb/hour), Index size of 15-25% from the actual size of the text data, Query caching system, and Support of over 60 text formats including Outlook & TheBat electronic messages, mp3 & avi tags, and logs of MSN and ICQ instant messaging programs.

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