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Day: January 3, 2007

Meeting Customer Needs

Welcome to the Gilbane Group’s new Blog on the Publishing Industry. Our team of Analyst/Consultants will be offering their thoughts a variety of topics including:

  • Opportunities and Challenges presented by new technology and media options
  • Key new technologies to watch in the coming year
  • Case studies demonstrating current best practices
  • News and commentary about Publishing Companies and their technology partners

Think of this Blog as a perpetual iteration of the Publishing Track at our Gilbane Conferences. To that end, we welcome your questions and encourage your comments…

At this year’s fall conference, the CEO of Art Plus Technology—Elizabeth Gooding—gave an excellent presentation concerning her firm’s approach to providing the customers of financial firms with improved statements and communications. She and her clients set very tough targets. The statements must be highly individualized, be attractive in both electronic and print formats, be produced in a timely fashion, and of course, cost less to produce. In meeting these goals, Elizabeth and her team found ways to break down long established practices that had become limiting factors in improving the delivery of information to customers.

What does this have to do with publishers in general? Most publishing enterprises have their own long established practices that have made them very successful through the years. We think that the publishers who will gain market share in the next decade are those who are most willing to re-examine those practices to enable new product offerings that will appeal to the demands of today’s customers. Over the next week or so, we’ll look at some examples of different strategies and tactics.

Recommind Updates MindServer Platform

Recommind announced the next generation of its MindServer platform, featuring new eDiscovery functionality that enables enterprises to locate electronically stored information (ESI) that must be preserved for ongoing or anticipated litigation. In addition, MindServer 5.0 makes it easier for OEM partners and independent software vendors to embed MindServer enterprise search and categorization capabilities within their products and provide customers with richer capabilities for searching and managing critical information. MindServer 5.0 is able to find, within the enterprise, potentially relevant and responsive information that must be preserved as part of a litigation hold, a requirement of any legal proceeding. In many enterprise environments, the MindServer platform itself can lock down any document or other piece of information returned in a search query. Otherwise, MindServer 5.0 is able to pass the result set from any query to a separate application, such as a content management system or database, for immediate litigation hold lock-down. In addition, only MindServer 5.0 supports multi-selection filters within the user interface, a prerequisite for the highly comprehensive and detailed searches needed for effective litigation hold. The platform’s improved APIs enable knowledge and content management, email archiving, and eDiscovery system vendors to incorporate Recommind’s enterprise search functionality into their products. MindServer 5.0 also incorporates improvements to search relevancy and ease of use, delivers faster query performance, simplifies integration with Microsoft SharePoint Portal and other existing systems, and provides enhanced reporting capabilities. Recommind MindServer 5.0 is available immediately.

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