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Day: January 1, 2007

Searching for Enterprise Search

The Gilbane Group has invited me to lead a new practice area for the Gilbane community. Based on my recent experience at Gilbane Boston, November 2006, there is the foundation for a substantial community of practice around the topic of Enterprise Search. When I invited attendees of conference sessions on search to a preliminary roundtable discussion about enterprise search, over 15 people signed up. About 12 people dropped in for all or part of what turned out to be a two hour lunch break with a fluid conversation about what search means, what users are seeking for their organizations and what vendors (service and product) have to offer.

I am inviting anyone who drops in on this blog to continue the conversation. By sharing needs, product offerings, definitions, problems and case studies, participants in this blog have the opportunity to contribute to a community of practice among a highly diverse audience of professionals concerned with this topic of search. We will learn what is working or not, what tools, tips and processes have been used and leveraged for improving business performance in any type of organization.

You will note a group of categories that I established because I have something I would like to share sooner rather than later about these topics. Not everything I may have to say in the next few weeks or months will fit neatly; expansion is inevitable. The categories are broad until we begin to accumulate content in other areas. One thing is certain; technology changes and changes our thinking. A year from now it will be interesting to look back at recommendations, advice, enthusiasms and endorsements in this time period and see where reversals happen and attitudes morph. We are all capable of love hate relationships with technology and I am as fickle as the next person.

Stay tuned and see where we are January 1, 2008. Still blogging, I hope.

Our New News Blog

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