Bitrix Inc. announces the release of new Bitrix Site Manager 5.1 – web content management system. The new version has been globally tested and optimized. There is a new AJAX-enabled user interface, and a new module to create blogs, training courses, examination tests, and manage affiliate networks. The e-Store now features a flexible system of discounts and coupons. Version 5.1 offers a new tabbed Control Panel with the three modes: “Public section” to view the site as-is; “Edit site” in which system control areas are highlighted and powered with management tools; and the common “Control Panel.” The new interface provides for fast switching between the three modes. For convenience, the tab bar can be pinned on top of the browser window. All product editions now can import and export data from/to information blocks in the CSV format (e.g. for communication with MS Excel). The Small Business edition now contains the Forum and Newsletter modules. The Professional and Enterprise editions now include the Blogs and e-Learning modules. Additionally, the Enterprise edition is empowered with the AD/LDAP module. All users of older versions of Bitrix Site Manager whose techsupport subscription is active can update their systems for free via the SiteUpdate to upgrade to Bitrix Site Manager 5.1. You can test-drive Bitrix Site Manager by downloading and installing the fully functional trial version at