Oracle (NASDAQ: ORCL) announced Oracle Secure Enterprise Search 10g, a standalone search engine that enables customers to make critical business information available to authorized users while enforcing corporate security policies. Oracle Secure Enterprise Search 10g delivers search results from a range of enterprise data sources including databases, file systems, enterprise content management systems, portals, email systems and enterprise applications. Oracle Secure Enterprise Search 10g is tuned for the needs of the enterprise with search algorithms that can utilize existing business metadata to improve the relevance of search results. The product features a Web interface allowing for efficient administration and management. Additionally, users can access the search engine through Web-based user interfaces and perform traditional keyword searches that provide results in a format similar to conventional Web searches, which helps minimize training and support costs. Oracle Secure Enterprise Search 10g has built-in functionality that permits users to see only search results leading to information for which they have authorized access. Specifically, Oracle Secure Enterprise Search 10g delivers direct integration with multiple user authentication systems, a hardened repository for storing the search index, a secure programming interface used to customize the search capabilities and high-quality search results. Oracle Secure Enterprise Search 10g is scheduled to be generally available by the end of Oracle’s fiscal year – May 31, 2006.