Mobius Management Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ:MOBI) and Sun Microsystems announced the integration of the Mobius ViewDirect TCM software suite with the Sun Microsystems StorEdge 5310/5310C Compliance Archiving System. This solution manages all traditional corporate records, e-mail and content in any format from any source and ensures its integrity, reliability and long-term availability. It makes content available to support business operations and it mitigates the risks and costs associated with legal and regulatory compliance. ViewDirect TCM integrates enterprise content in a consolidated repository or through access to multiple, disparate repositories and includes a suite of content-centric applications that enable regulatory compliance and automate business processes. ViewDirect TCM scales from the desktop to the enterprise. Implementations range from departmental applications to multi-server systems with hundreds of thousands of users and billions of documents. High-capacity serial ATA disks with WORM (non-erasable, non-rewritable) technology provide scalable capacity as well as the high-speed access.