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Day: September 25, 2005

StoredIQ Joins Google Enterprise Professional Program

StoredIQ, Inc. joined the Google Enterprise Professional Program, which extends Google search and helps customers get more value out of their Google enterprise search deployments. The Google Search Appliance will be deployed in parallel with StoredIQ’s Information and Classification Management Platform to provide Google enterprise customers ad-hoc search capabilities and automated policy-based actions. By extracting concepts, facts, keywords and alphanumeric patterns, StoredIQ is able to classify, protect and manage information based upon content.,

Unicon & RedDot Partner to Deliver Web Content Management Solutions for Higher Ed.

Unicon, Inc., a provider of enterprise portal, collaboration, learning, and integration technology for higher education institutions, and RedDot Solutions (NASDAQ: HUMC, TSX: HUM), announced a partnership where Unicon will package RedDot’s CMS Web Content Management Solution with Academus, its enterprise portal offering for higher education. The combined solutions of RedDot’s CMS and Unicon’s Academus portal and collaborative groupware provide a customized, e-Learning foundation built on uPortal open-source technology for educational establishments to create, edit, and update an online experience through a unified interface. Unicon’s Academus provides a Web interface integrated with pre-configured channels to encourage collaboration and communication online. In addition, Academus serves as an integration platform to a number of outside applications. ,,

Vignette Launches Business Unit & Solutions for Enterprise Learning

Vignette Corp. (NASDAQ:VIGN) announced the creation of a dedicated business unit designed to help organizations seamlessly blend learning with work. The Vignette Enterprise Learning solution enables organizations to better align training and business initiatives across the enterprise. Vignette Enterprise Learning is a holistic solution of products and services that manages the entire learning lifecycle. Subject matter experts may asynchronously discuss and share their knowledge by authoring discrete learning modules in collaborative spaces. Learners may search for learning content, identify prerequisite skills, informally assemble learning modules, schedule relevant training, review course history and assess their professional development within the context of their online work environments. Line-of-business executives may directly correlate investments in employees, such as sales force enablement, with corporate financial objectives through composite application dashboards. Vignette Enterprise Learning helps organizations operate within the processes prescribed by human resources departments and other mandates, such as BASEL II, NASD 3010 and 3012 and Sarbanes-Oxley sections 302 and 404. Vignette helps organizations reduce the time to comply by accelerating employee adherence to policies and operating constraints.

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