Inxight Software is now offering its government customers a unified Extraction Bundle, comprised of the software that agencies need to get started with entity extraction. The package includes: Inxight SmartDiscovery ThingFinder with ThingFinder Advanced, English and English MTF processing modules, Counterterrorism Entity Pack for English, Inxight SmartDiscovery Toolkit, and Oracle and SQL Server adapters. Inxight Software’s government solutions help analysts and field personnel automatically identify, extract and classify mission-critical entities (person names, places, addresses, dates, organizations, weapons, vehicles, etc.) in unstructured text in multiple languages, such as Arabic, Farsi, Chinese and Korean, providing faster, more accurate access to actionable intelligence. Entity extraction is an essential tool for operations that require link analysis, event tracking and order of battle analysis. Inxight ThingFinder is a text-analysis application that automatically identifies and tags more than 25 entity types in a document. ThingFinder can also be trained to recognize list-based entities such as people of interest. Inxight ThingFinder Advanced extends these capabilities by allowing users to define custom entities and simple link types based on patterns in text, leveraging Inxight’s language analysis as the starting point for pattern-building. New entity types for the counterterrorism effort are now available, including weapons, facilities, vehicles, geocoordinates and MGRS numbers.