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Day: August 7, 2005

IBM to Open Source Technology for Analysis of Unstructured Information

IBM announced plans to make available through open source its Unstructured Information Management Architecture (UIMA), a technology designed to support software applications that can process text within documents and other content sources to understand the latent meaning, relationship and relevant facts buried within. UIMA provides an open software framework with standard interfaces for adding unstructured information analytics to any application. This framework makes it easy to integrate the analytic software tools and end-to-end enterprise applications across several different vendors. UIMA also provides tools to speed the creation of new, reusable analytic software components to handle unstructured information. The result of more than 4 years of development by IBM Research, UIMA has also received significant support from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). DARPA and IBM formed a working group consisting of experienced research members who have contributed their expertise in unstructured information management to the evolution of UIMA. The contributors included several universities, along with industrial research and development organizations. Some of the universities that participated, such as Carnegie Mellon University, Columbia University, Stanford University and The University of Massachusetts Amherst, are already using UIMA in courses and research projects. The other organizations actively supporting and using UIMA include Science Applications International Corp., BBN Technologies, The Mayo Clinic and MITRE Corporation. In addition, commercial adoption of UIMA was announced among more than 15 software vendors. The UIMA framework has already been embedded in IBM products, including IBM WebSphere Information Integrator OmniFind Edition, the first commercially available software platform for processing content based on UIMA. IBM WebSphere Portal Server and Lotus Work Place also leverage UIMA for content processing. The UIMA framework can currently be downloaded free of charge from IBM AlphaWorks at

ZyLAB & Ingeniux Partner on Mid-Market Web Content and Document Management Solution

ZyLAB and Ingeniux announced a strategic partnership. The combination of ZyLAB and Ingeniux technologies will provide customers with an XML based solution for managing the content lifecycle. The Ingeniux Content Management System (CMS) provides a Web content management and publishing system for developing, managing and deploying content throughout the enterprise. Ingeniux allows non-technical users to contribute to and manage the Web publishing process, providing Web publishers with extended capabilities and effective cost controls. ZyLAB offers solutions for archiving, searching, and retrieving information.,

ClearForest & iPhrase Partner to Support Automation Solutions to the Manufacturing and Technology Sectors

ClearForest and iPhrase Technologies announced a new technology partnership. Under terms of the agreement, the firms will work together to deliver a set of eSupport solutions that will enable manufacturing and technology organizations to tap existing enterprise content to automatically develop support knowledge that can be used online and within the contact center to improve the support resolution process. The companies’ joint solutions will be compliant with IBM’s Unstructured Information Management Architecture (UIMA). iPhrase is working with ClearForest and IBM to deliver eSupport solutions to automatically create useful support knowledge by unlocking the value of existing enterprise content. IBM WebSphere Information Integrator provides a unified mechanism for tapping content that exists in various databases, content management systems, CRM applications and collaboration platforms. Once these documents are processed, metadata can be automatically discovered using UIMA annotators from Clearforest and iPhrase. With this approach organizations can leverage email dialogues, discussion group postings, case management notes, and related content to extend their support knowledge base by extracting information like the product line, product version, operating system, issue type, problem, and resolution. UIMA is a standard architecture developed by IBM Research that can be used to add text analytics to any application.,

Attensity Releases SDK & Announces Support for IBM’s UIMA

Attensity announced the release of Attensity SDK, its first Software Developers’
Kit. Attensity SDK opens Attensity’s technology architecture to developers via a Java API. It enables developers to conduct text analytics in real time from any application such as customer relationship management, web and search applications. Attensity SDK provides business users with the text analytics extraction capabilities of Attensity Server, enabling them to leverage the valuable, sometimes hidden, information residing in their unstructured data. Attensity also announced they will use IBM’s Unstructured Information Management Architecture (UIMA) and also support implementation with IBM WebSphere Information Integrator OmniFind Edition. UIMA is an open framework published by IBM to promote a standard for connecting text analytics applications that process unstructured information to discover the latent meaning, relationships and relevant facts buried in documents, problem reports, e-mails, web sites and other information sources.
Attensity SDK is available immediately.

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