LexisNexis U.S. announced the release of LexisNexis Total Search v. 3.1, the company’s integrated search tool for the legal industry and practitioners of law. LexisNexis Total Search is an integrated search service that applies the precision of LexisNexis searching capabilities and the exclusive authority of Shepard’s Citations Service to the collective expertise that is often buried deep within internal document collections. One search finds existing internal pleadings, depositions, memos, deal documents and motions together with cases and codes, news and business sources, and analytical content all through the familiar lexis.com service user interface. This latest version of LexisNexis Total Search includes: advanced and automated document filtering which allows administrators to set up filters based on document metadata, the ability to schedule multiple start/stop times for each document source, the ability to choose which metadata fields appear as categories in a search drilldown, and improved and simplified product installation. http://www.lexisnexis.com