Davisor, developer of Java-based multi-channel publishing and visualization solutions, is expanding its product offering for the Enterprise Publishing market. Davisor’s new product structure consists of modules and solutions, which allow customers either to build their own multi-channel publishing system or use ready-made solutions. The new Davisor Offisor consists of a group of transformation modules, which gives companies a way to build their own multi-channel publishing system. Offisor includes input modules for transforming HTML, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and image files into XML, and output modules for producing different formats out of XML content such as XSL-FO, HTML, XHTML and RTF. With Offisor, companies can license only the transformations they need, without having to invest in large systems requiring specific file formats. Davisor solutions offer ready-to-use enterprise publishing systems for companies with specific needs. Davisor Webisor converts HTML documents with dynamic content into PDF with corporate layout. Davisor Publishor produces personalized PDF, Word, and HTML documents by merging dynamic XML content into templates produced with Word, allowing companies to produce fully personalized materials with a familiar word processor.