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Day: March 14, 2005

Index Engines Launches New Enterprise Search Solution

Index Engines announced the commercial availability of an enterprise search appliance that indexes data inline with the existing backup process. Unlike traditional enterprise search solutions that crawl networks and desktops in order to find data, the Index Engines Appliance sits in the path of the data backup and transparently indexes data as it is flows through the storage network. The Index Engines Appliance shifts the indexing of unstructured data off the overburdened data network and onto the storage network, where file and email are collected and archived using existing backup procedures. The Index Engines Appliance supports the most common file types including, Microsoft Office files, text, html, Adobe PDF, compressed zip files and more. Additionally a beta version that includes support for Microsoft Exchange email as well as PST files is also available. The Index Engines Appliance is available in two models. The ES-100 model supports the indexing of four million files and sells for $29,500. The ES-200 model supports eight millions documents and sells for $34,500.

Bowne Global Solutions & TRADOS Form Alliance

Bowne Global Solutions (BGS) and TRADOS announced that they have teamed to deliver integrated global content solutions for multinational companies. The BGS and TRADOS alliance helps with the content delivery challenges of global enterprises, including product introduction delays, inconsistent branding, customer dissatisfaction, and escalating costs. BGS provides services for creating, localizing and publishing content including authoring, terminology management, localization, language quality services, and content hosting. TRADOS contributes its enterprise solutions that manage and automate content globalization for a broad range of publishing media (web, electronic, and hardcopy) related to multinational branding, marketing communications, sales support, technical support, and maintenance. As a first step in delivering collaborative solutions, BGS is standardizing core elements of its production on the TRADOS platform for all facets of their global services.,

Interwoven Announces MediaBin Presentation WorkBench for PowerPoint

Interwoven, Inc. announced that it has extended its Digital Asset Management (DAM) system with the introduction of MediaBin Presentation WorkBench. Available as part of the latest version of Interwoven’s MediaBin Asset Server, Presentation WorkBench enables enterprises to manage and share Microsoft PowerPoint files within a centrally-managed system for all digital assets. Interwoven’s MediaBin Presentation WorkBench provides: single window access to multiple PowerPoint presentations, custom presentation assembly, pre-approved templates, and efficient storage. MediaBin Presentation WorkBench will be available as a standard component of the latest release of Interwoven MediaBin Asset Server beginning March 31, 2005.

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