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Day: November 21, 2004

Entrust Announces Entrust Entelligence Content Analysis Toolkit

Entrust, Inc. announced the Entrust Entelligence Content Analysis Toolkit designed to automatically sort and categorize large volumes of data for compliance and content management applications through artificial intelligence content analysis technology. The Entrust Entelligence Content Analysis Toolkit helps developers integrate contextual analysis capabilities such as auto-categorization or summarization into a wide variety of applications. Exposing a high-level set of APIs, the toolkit can help enable integration within C++ or Java environments. The Entrust Entelligence Content Analysis Toolkit combines Auto-Categorization, Summarization, and Search. Filters analyze content and match it to a pre-defined library of concept patterns. Entrust can provide filters as a set of policy modules or concept libraries, or they can be customized with a policy editor. The editor supports the development of relational and hierarchical concept definitions with customized thresholds. The Entrust Entelligence Content Analysis Toolkit leverages the same technology found at the core of the Entrust Entelligence Compliance Server, the Linux-based appliance designed to automatically scan incoming and outgoing e-mail for compliance with government or corporate regulations. The Entrust Entelligence Content Analysis Toolkit is now commercially available.

Gilbane Content Technology Works Program Publishes 2 New Case Studies

The Gilbane Report’s Content Technology Works (CTW) Program announced it has published two new case studies. Senior Analyst Mark Walter investigates Wachovia’s enterprise information integration (EII) implementation where Wachovia provides seamless access to multiple document stores through enterprise-level content integration service in “Wachovia’s CAS: Harnessing the Value of Multiple Content Repositories Across a Large Enterprise”. And Senior analyst Bill Zoellick looks at how MIT’ Technology Review’s online publishing operation uses an on-demand content management system to reduce costs while simplifying editorial workflow and increasing advertising revenues in “Technology Review: Moving into the Black with On-Demand Content Management”. As with all CTW content, these case studies are made available to the public at no charge as a service to the content technology community. Partners in the Content Technology Works program include: Software AG (TECdax:SOW), Sun Microsystems (NASDAQ:SUNW), Artesia Technologies (Open Text – NASDAQ:OTEX), Atomz, ClearStory Systems (OTCBB:INCC), Context Media, Convera (NASDAQ:CNVR), IBM (NYSE:IBM), Trados, Vasont Systems, and Vignette (NASDAQ:VIGN). CTW case studies in both HTML and PDF are available at

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