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Day: October 26, 2004

Convera Announces RetrievalWare 8.1

Convera Corporation announced version 8.1 of the company’s RetrievalWare search software platform. Version 8.1 is currently available on a limited basis with general release scheduled for next year. RetrievalWare 8.1 enables users to set customized content filters and alerts for the specific information they require to do their jobs, personalize their own unique query interface, and share search results from personal queries within Public Folders. To establish highly personalized, “always-on” search queries, a user can utilize the new Content Filter feature of RetrievalWare 8.1. For both commercial and government environments where vast amounts of information enter databases each day, a user can set very specific queries to automatically identify certain documents as soon as they enter the database. Key words selected by the user within the query immediately tag exact details within a document, isolate the document, and then route it to the users Personal Folder. Other new features include Alerting and Personalized Folder Sharing. Future RetrievalWare 8.1 capabilities planned include: Web Services APIs for .NET application development, JSR168 WebLogic Portlet; New industrial and manufacturing taxonomies and the Convera Workbench 3.0; New language detection, encoding detection and conversion, and Unicode compatibility.

Vivisimo Introduces Velocity for Integrated Enterprise Search

Vivisimo announced Vivisimo Velocity, rapid-deployment, customizable enterprise software that combines dynamic clustering, search and meta-search into one solution. Velocity is a comprehensive search solution that lets enterprise customers customize their crawling instead of “re-customizing” their content to fit the arbitrary requirements of other search solutions. Velocity eliminates the need to re-format content or pre-define taxonomies, and is designed for applications that need to crawl up to one million documents and meta-search an arbitrary number of other search engines or documents. Velocity crawls textual information in databases, emails and files, meta searching external sources of information, and then integrating all of the results in easy-to-navigate clusters of information. As a result, knowledge workers can pull from multiple sources of disparate information–both corporate-owned and Web-based–and see it presented by theme. Vivisimo Velocity pricing starts at $10,000 per year and scales with the number of documents to be crawled or meta-searched. Velocity will ship within 30 days.

Entopia Announces Entopia K-Bus 3

Entopia, Inc. announced the launch of K-Bus 3, the latest release of its software infrastructure for information discovery. Entopia K-Bus 3 is a comprehensive infrastructure that captures the essence of enterprise content from both structured and unstructured information sources as well as all employee interaction around the content such as reading, writing, discussing, emailing, printing as well as security and access controls. By converting all of this valuable information into a single, unified language, Entopia can deliver personalized results that were previously unattainable through its discovery services Enterprise Search, Social Networks Mapping, Expertise Location and Content Visualization. Entopia K-Bus 3 is available immediately.

Ephox Unveils Support for Vignette Solutions with EditLive! Technologies

Ephox Corp., the provider of EditLive! content authoring technologies, announced product and integration support for the Vignette family of software and solutions, including content management, portal, document and records management, collaboration, and integration capabilities. Ephox and Vignette will continue to enhance the integration of Ephox’s EditLive! for Java and EditLive! for XML with Vignette V7 to provide customers with comprehensive, cross-platform authoring technologies.,

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