CM Professionals, a group of content management professionals from around the world, will hold its first CM Summit in conjunction with the Gilbane Conference on Content Management Technologies, Tuesday, November 30, 2004 in
Boston, Mass. (U.S.) The CM Summit is a peer-to-peer meeting. Sessions will take the form of participatory discussions – no talking heads reading slide shows – facilitated by some of the world’s top content management experts: Bob Boiko, Ann Rockley, Tony Byrne, Frank Gilbane, Erik Hartman, Mary Lee Kennedy, Brendan Quinn, Hilary Marsh, Bob Doyle, Scott Abel, and many others. Sessions at the summit will be devoted to content management practices that have been selected by members from among 25 best practice areas, including: Content Strategy, Business Strategy and Business Cases, Designing for Reuse, Performance Metrics, Auditing the Content, and Glossary and Resource Library. There will also be networking sessions, as well an open forum to discuss future CM Pros events and projects. “Birds-of-a-feather” sessions (informal gatherings of people with common interests) are planned for lunch at the Summit and for dinner at a Boston-area restaurant. Summit sessions will be videotaped and made available online to members who cannot travel to Boston. Fee is $100 for CM Pros members and $125 for nonmembers. Membership in CM Pros costs $50 per year. CM Summit attendees who also register for the Gilbane Conference will receive a $150 discount on their Gilbane Conference registration. Detailed program and registration information: is at ,