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Day: September 12, 2004

Davisor Introduces Offisor Transformations, Adds PowerPoint to Offisor 3.0 Parsers

Davisor, a developer of Java-based data visualization, conversion and presentation tools, has introduced two new Java- and XML-based products, which enable companies to convert legacy documents from different sources into XML, and to publish fully personalized materials by merging dynamic information into these legacy documents. The new Offisor Transformations allows companies to convert their legacy documents into several different output formats. Offisor Transformations converts Offisor XML outputs into HTML, XHTML, XSL-FO (PDF), RTF and DocBook. With Offisor Transformations companies can now produce different types of demanding outputs from their legacy data. Offisor Transformations is used together with Offisor, which converts legacy documents fully into XML. Davisor has released Offisor 3.0, which now converts also PowerPoint documents into XML, in addition to Word and HTML documents and images contained in them. With Offisor 3.0, companies can fully access their document archives containing valuable data in different formats, and search for the information they need. Offisor Transformations can then be used to publish the documents both on- and off-line and in print. Davisor Offisor and Transformations can be used to create e.g. personalized marketing materials, offers, order confirmations, invoices etc. from Word templates and dynamic data coming from different sources. Offisor can be either embedded into any pure Java application or used independently with command line applications. Davisor Offisor 3.0 and Offisor Transformations are available today.

CrownPeak Unveils Special Pricing for State, County & Local Government Agencies

CrownPeak Technology rolled out a new program offering state, county and local government entities up to a 33 percent discount on its Advantage CMS content management software – and announced it is offering additional bundled services to all government agencies, designed to meet their unique accessibility and design compliance needs. CrownPeak has developed specific bundled services to ensure compliance with accessibility, design and archival standards. CrownPeak can guarantee consistent compliance with Section 508 of the Americans With Disabilities Act, which requires Web sites to be accessible to blind and low-vision visitors. A template system enforces design and navigational standards throughout all Web pages. The company’s versioning and content monitoring tools enable government organizations to come instantly into compliance with data archive regulations, as they are established and modified. CrownPeak’s special pricing extends to billing terms for government agencies, under which the company will agree to amortize upfront service fees over the first year or even 18 months of a contract. CrownPeak is certified for purchase through GSA and many state purchasing mechanisms.

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