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Day: August 29, 2004

Innodata Isogen Joins Vasont Systems’ Partner Program

Vasont Systems announced that Innodata Isogen, Inc. joined its Vasont Important Partner (VIP) Program. The strategic alliance between Vasont and Innodata Isogen will include joint projects, marketing and sales efforts. Additionally, Innodata Isogen and Vasont are working together with customers to implement environments where external authoring and publishing tools are integrated with the Vasont Content Management System to support automated localization and single-source publishing of multilingual content.,

Vignette Ships Enhanced Integration of Portal & Content Management

Vignette Corp. announced enhancements to its integrated content management and portal solutions including capabilities for expanded presentation management, real-time delivery of information from its native sources via real-time page generation and assembly, and advanced caching. Vignette content management now provides modular dynamic content delivery to Vignette portals and other Web sites, with a page region caching mechanism for dynamic sites. New presentation management capabilities span Vignette’s content management and portal applications to allow IT departments to create templates that can be customized for any number of unique sites. Vignette solutions separate control of layout, content and presentation so that static content, dynamic information, content selection rules and active applications are all assembled at request time to satisfy the Web user’s requirements. The latest versions of Vignette Content Management, Vignette Application Portal and the integration modules are available and shipping to customers today.

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