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Day: August 2, 2004

Open Text Acquires Artesia

Open Text Corporation said it will acquire Artesia Technologies, Inc. “Close of the transaction is imminent.” The acquisition expands Open Text’s rich media integration and management capabilities as part of its ECM suite, and provides a platform from which to address the content management needs of media and marketing professionals. Artesia provides customer organizations and their marketing and distribution partners with the ability to easily access and collaborate around a centrally managed collection of digital media elements. Applications include: Production Asset Management – Content reuse and collaboration at the center of creative process for digital media content; Brand Asset Management – Control over and reuse of the digital media elements used in marketing campaigns; Distribution Asset Management – Streamlining the distribution of digital media and digital marketing materials to the supply chain; and Rich Digital Media Asset Management – Enhances content management and collaboration by extending search, retrieval, viewing and analysis to rich digital media content and its associated metadata. The transaction is not material to the financial results or operations of Open Text. The acquisition will be discussed during Open Text’s fourth quarter earnings conference call, scheduled for Tuesday, August 31, 2004.,

Endeca Releases Endeca ProFind 4.5 & Endeca InFront 4.5

Endeca announced the immediate availability of Endeca ProFind 4.5, a new version of the company’s enterprise search and navigation platform. Endeca ProFind combines search, Guided Navigation and Content Spotlighting capabilities to help organizations integrate and take advantage of structured, semi-structured and unstructured enterprise data. Endeca ProFind 4.5 includes several new features designed to improve relevancy, customize the discovery process and further simplify administration and management. These features include: personalization, a seach application wizard, expanded relevancy ranking capabilities for unstructured data, enhanced classification and taxonomy management, new administration tools, and a new web-based interface to simplify administration and maintenance of Endeca implementations. Endeca also announced immediate availability of Endeca InFron 4.5, a new version of their commerce search, navigation and merchandising solution.

Tablus Updates Enterprise Content Security Solution

Tablus, Inc. announced the latest version of their content security solution, Content Alarm 1.1. Content Alarm monitors all outgoing traffic at the network perimeter and accurately identifies sensitive content leaving the network in email or email attachments, HTTP posts, FTP transmissions and other traffic protocols. Content Alarm employs an advanced Linguistic Analysis Engine to determine if data leaving the network matches any content that has been designated as protected. Because Content Alarm monitors content transmission instead of document access, it can detect a wide range of violations, e.g., if paragraphs of a strategic plan are pasted into an outgoing email message. Content Alarm looks at all traffic exiting on multiple protocols, not just email. Completely non-intrusive and transparent to end-users, Content Alarm tracks email attachments, FTP file transfers, HTTP posts and more. Sophisticated policy tools support audits of all or only selected activities. For example, certain transactions, such as data transmissions to a specific destination can trigger an audit. Content Alarm 1.1 is currently available.

GlobalSight Signs OEM Agreement with Mediasurface

GlobalSight Corporation announced that it has entered into agreement with enterprise content management software provider, Mediasurface, for integrating end-to-end Web content creation into GlobalSight’s Ambassador product. The new functionality will be sold as an add-on module to Ambassador. This joint global content management solution combines localization automation software with Web content development and management technology. While Ambassador will continue to integrate with other content management solutions, organizations that have not deployed a CMS now have the option of deploying a fully integrated end-to-end environment that enables authoring and multilingual content management.,

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