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Day: July 25, 2004

DataPower Ships XI50 XML Integration Appliance

DataPower announced the XI50 XML Integration Appliance, the third member of its product family (which includes the XS40 XML Security Gateway and XA35 XML Accelerator). The XI50 provides a drop-in solution for mainframe XML enablement, wirespeed enterprise message buses, and secure enterprise application integration. XI50 Integration Appliance supports a range of popular transport protocols, including IBM MQ Series, and can perform any-to-any translation between disparate data formats. XI50 can parse, route and transform arbitrary binary, flat text and XML messages, including EDI, COBOL, CSV, ASN.1 and ebXML. DataPower’s DataGlue technology uses a fully declarative, metadata-based approach. The technology enables Data Oriented Programming (DOP) paradigms to be employed without introducing bottlenecks. DataPower XI50 Integration Appliance is used as a drop-in XML enablement solution for mainframes by providing a Web services interface on one side and a native legacy interface on the other. Supported specifications include COBOL Copybook, ISO 8583 ATM messages, MQ series and proprietary record formats. DataPower XI50 Integration Appliance product is available immediately, priced from $50,000 to $75,000, depending on options and quantities.

Scientific Software Introduces Enterprise Content Manager

Scientific Software, Inc. announced a new solution for enterprise content management (ECM). Scientific Software Enterprise Content Manager (formerly known as CyberLAB ECMS) is an ECM software platform that provides a secure, central repository and rich content services to create, capture, manage, archive, and re-use business critical information. Enterprise Content Manager platform capabilities span technology solutions for document management, records management, knowledge management, dynamic report building, records archival, PDF file management, automated records collection, electronic forms processing, and scanning and imaging. This is the 3rd major release after being introduced in 2001. Pricing for Enterprise Content Manager starts at $5,500 for a single server, 5-user system. Enterprise Content Manager is shipping and available to customers immediately.

EMC Announces Documentum Content Storage Services

EMC Corporation announced the new EMC Documentum Content Storage Services to help customers improve their information lifecycle management (ILM) strategies. Documentum Content Storage Services enables organizations to define and execute storage policies that automate the placement and movement of content across a tiered heterogeneous storage infrastructure. New content can be automatically placed on the optimal storage platform and migrated when the value of that content and related business needs change. The new offering supports all EMC storage platforms, as well as arrays from other vendors, including Hitachi, IBM, Hewlett Packard and Network Appliance. Using Documentum Content Storage Services, information can be allocated to and migrated across storage devices based on business policies that utilize standard and user-defined attributes, including content type, access control level, lifecycle state, sharing permissions, industry regulations or archiving requirements, as well as date last accessed, size, related transactions or related documents. Documentum Content Storage Services differs from hierarchical storage management (HSM) by providing allocation and migration of information based on the metadata and content services provided by the EMC Documentum ECM Platform. Documentum Content Storage Services can be utilized to complement and extend HSM solutions, and is immediately available.,

Verity & Proxicom Partner to Provide Solutions to Healthcare & Life Sciences Markets

Verity Inc. and Proxicom Inc. announced a strategic partnership to provide integration of Verity K2 Enterprise (K2E) search and classification technologies with Proxicom’s Healthcare and Life Sciences solution offering. Initially, the two companies plan to co-market Proxicom’s industry-leading Health Plan Provider Portal Solution. Proxicom’s Health Plan Provider Portal is a secure, rapidly deployed, extranet portal for managing claims, benefits, eligibility, and ongoing physician education and research. The Provider Portal aims to make it easier for providers to do business with a health plan. Verity K2E’s search and classification capabilities aim to provide joint customers the ability to quickly and easily search, browse and retrieve any content within the Proxicom’s Provider Portal. Verity K2E also supports multiple languages to allow global healthcare centers using the Proxicom’s Portal to index, classify, search and retrieve information in more than 70 languages.,

ABBYY Releases FineReader 7.0 Scripting Edition

ABBYY announced the availability of ABBYY FineReader 7.0 Scripting Edition, a development tool that allows VARs, system integrators and corporate developers to customize the FineReader OCR application and integrate its interface and functionality into new or existing Windows applications. ABBYY FineReader 7.0 Scripting Edition is for use with document conversion, document recognition, and document imaging applications. FineReader 7.0 Scripting Edition’s automation API makes it easier to integrate ABBYY OCR into document management systems, electronic archives, or any other external information system. Developers can create systems through customization, extension and automation of the FineReader application. ABBYY FineReader 7.0 Scripting Edition is available now with developer and runtime licenses.

Vasont Releases Vasont 9.0

Vasont Systems announced the release of Vasont 9.0, the latest version of its content management system that enables organizations to store their multilingual content once for delivery to print, PDF, CD-ROM and Web formats. Vasont 9.0 has streamlined common content transactions to reduce network traffic and process content faster, and comes with over 100 new processing options, bringing the total to 500 processing options available. Vasont 9.0 features new XSLT integration, advanced XML schema support, enhanced versioning interface, enhanced link management capability, printable content reuse reports, improved search features that allow users to filter and find content within the text of more than 200 different file formats, advanced Unicode support that allows users to “mix-and-match” any Unicode format, and enhanced reporting and control capability over global changes. Vasont 9.0 will be available in August.

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