GlobalSCAPE announced the availability of PureCMS 3.0. PureCMS 3.0 supports customization of complex workflow and approval processes, automates the management of a site’s navigation, provides granular administrative control, expands the use of templates, and enables multi-server publishing. PureCMS 3.0 is available immediately from GlobalSCAPE based on a tiered, per-user license basis. Pricing begins at $395 per user. GlobalSCAPE also announced the availability of SnapEdit, its new entry-level Web content management tool. SnapEdit enables Web site administrators to provide non-technical individuals with a way to create new information and replace out-of-date or inaccurate information on Web sites in real-time. SnapEdit works with any shared or dedicated hosting environment and can be installed by the site administrator. Individuals log in to SnapEdit from a browser, find the Web page they want to modify in the file manager and make changes through its What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get (WYSIWYG) editor. They can also copy and paste content into a Web page from Windows applications. When finished, they save changes and they are published to the live Web site. Site administrators can control which Web pages and assets can be modified to preserve site design and navigation. SnapEdit automatically creates backups of modified pages to enable a quick return to previous versions. SnapEdit is available immediately. Pricing ranges from $99 for 3 users to $499 for an unlimited number of users managing one Web site. ISP and enterprise license pricing, supporting an unlimited number of users and Web sites, is available beginning at $1,500 per server.,