Captovation announced direct integration support between their eCapture software, and Microsoft Office SharePoint Portal Server 2003. With eCapture’s integration, SharePoint users can scan and index paper documents directly into a SharePoint repository. The integration is facilitated through an eCapture Data Provider (EDP) which transfers document images from eCapture and places them into a SharePoint repository. The eCapture component’s ecIndex, ecAutoFile Server, ecCommit Server, ecImport Server, ecNet Server and Captovation Check Capture are all capable of performing a document commit (archive) into SharePoint. Captovation’s direct integration support for SharePoint Portal Server 2003 utilizes Web Services to link eCapture users with a SharePoint Portal Server system. XML is used to structure the data between an eCapture system and SharePoint. The integration includes a SharePoint Template Manager, which allows an administrator to define field mappings between eCapture and SharePoint. On a per template basis, an administrator specifies the URL of a SharePoint Portal Server. After connecting, the SharePoint Template Manager retrieves all available user lists and respective field names. The administrator then correlates field names in SharePoint with available fields in eCapture. Upon commit, the images are converted to either Multiple Page TIFFs or PDFs.