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Language Weaver & P.H. Brink Sign Beta Agreement

Language Weaver, Inc., a software company developing statistical machine translation software (SMTS), has entered into a beta agreement to develop domain-specific SMTS translation modules for P.H. Brink International. Under terms of the agreement, Language Weaver is initially developing an English-to-French machine translation system trained for key industry vertical domains. The companies have agreed to work closely to integrate the new software into P.H. Brink’s existing automated workflow system, Otto. By learning automatically from existing translated documents, Language Weaver’s SMTS correlates words and word groupings from language to language using statistical algorithms to produce the highest probability output. P.H. Brink expects to use Language Weaver’s SMTS for translation of documents into local languages for technical manuals, product support information, and website content.,

Google Updates Enterprise Search Appliance

Google announced an updated hardware and software package that promises faster and more comprehensive results for corporations, governments and universities.
The new box is the first upgrade for Google’s enterprise search appliance since the appliance was launched two years ago. The new system is bigger, with more processing power and memory, allowing a single box to index up to 1.5 million documents and 300 queries per minute, fivefold increases over the earlier model. The boxes cost between $32,000 and $175,000 each, depending on the configuration. Another software improvement is the addition of secure sign-on, which limits queries to only those documents that a particular employee is authorized to see. The new system continuously crawls corporate intranets, updating only new documents and changes in existing documents.

Documentum Announces BPM solution

Documentum announced the immediate availability of its Documentum Business Process Management (BPM) solution. The Documentum BPM solution consists of several new products, including Documentum Business Process Manager, Documentum Business Process Services, Documentum Forms Builder, and the latest version of Documentum eRoom. The Documentum BPM solution also leverages other content services of the Documentum ECM platform, including enterprise content integration and federated discovery, components of the Documentum Virtual Repository solution. Using Documentum BPM with Documentum Virtual Repository, customers can discover and aggregate all content types, from multiple data sources, and integrate the content with existing business processes. The solution integrates with processes that span non-Documentum applications such as ERP, CRM and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) to enable distributed people, applications and content to be included in the same business process, even when they reside in different locations and repositories. The Documentum Business Process Management solution is immediately available.

Vasont Adds Lionbridge to Partner Program

Vasont Systems announced that Lionbridge Technologies, Inc. has joined its Vasont Important Partner (VIP) Program. Together, Vasont Systems and Lionbridge will help their clients increase the speed and efficiency of creating, managing, localizing, and publishing their multilingual content from the Vasont Content Management System. Lionbridge’s LionAccess content repository connector will integrate with Vasont, a single-source content management system that allows organizations to create, manage and publish their multilingual content. Vasont provides Unicode support to store multilingual content at the component-level in its repository for multi-channel delivery. Vasont’s integration with LionAccess simplifies organizations’ translation process and reduces costs by enabling them to use their business logic and/or content metadata to automate the process of selecting, extracting and routing their multilingual content requiring translation.,

XyEnterprise Announces Content Management Toolkits for Collaborative Publishing Review & Office Integration

XyEnterprise announced the availability of two new toolkits for its Content@ content management and workflow software application. The toolkits provide a collaborative editorial and publishing review environment, as well as enabling broader sets of users to interact with the system with standard Microsoft Office applications. The Content@ Publishing Collaboration toolkit enables users to meet challenging review and notification requirements within their collaborative workflows. The Publishing Collaboration Toolkit includes tools for document version comparisons, automatic notification of changes in content to individuals or work pools, and collaborative review of content and documents. The Content@ Office Integration Toolkit facilitates the participation of the editors, authors, reviewers, publishers, and subject-matter experts who participate in the XML content lifecycle. Although these users may not be XML experts, many need the benefits of easy content access, workflow participation, version control, and re-use of content and documents.

Ektron Announces CMS300 4.5

Ektron Inc. announced Ektron CMS300 Version 4.5. The new version offers a more intuitive user experience, Web-based form capabilities and enhanced calendar features. Validation criteria can be assigned to public-facing HTML Web forms. Business users can click and choose several commonly used, out-of-the box validation rules to HTML form fields. Users can also auto email form data as well as export as XML to a third party application, and reports can be exported to Excel. The newest version of Ektron’s browser-based XML authoring tool, eWebEditPro+XML V4.1, is embedded in CMS300. The editor now includes spreadsheet-like math capabilities. Ektron has improved the CMS300 user experience by giving it the look and feel of Microsoft Outlook 2003. CMS300 allows business users, not only developers, to maintain and control multi-level navigation menus, and include items such as content blocks, library assets, external hyperlinks, forms, and other menus.

Weborganic Announces PageSeeder 3.0

Weborganic Systems announced Version 3.0 of PageSeeder. With this upgrade users are now able to create and manage document annotations across the full range of Adobe Acrobat clients, including older versions and the Acrobat Reader client. Other features include: an interface allowing non-technical users to create private and secure review groups featuring mail list capabilities; messaging support to allow reviewers to interact using native Acrobat commenting tools, web forms or standard email clients; the ability to lodge documents for review either by uploading or emailing attachment files; support for HTML, PDF and standard Office formats and international characters (Unicode); and availability either with a web-interface or as a middleware server and API for integration into existing document management environments. PageSeeder Version 3.0 is available immediately and can be evaluated either online or as a 30-day trial download.

Hot Banana & NI Solutions Partner

Hot Banana Software Inc. and NI Solutions announced the signing of a
partnership agreement to deliver Hot Banana’s Web Content Management System
to NI Solutions’ customers and to allow joint marketing of the solution.,

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