Easypress Technologies announced the availability of its first update to Atomik Xport Personal Edition. Version 1.1 includes features aimed at further improving the quality and speed of XML export from QuarkXPress. By looking for consecutive tab characters in lines of text, version 1.1 identifies tabular content that has been constructed in text boxes within QuarkXPress. It can then export this content into XML using any of three table definitions including HTML, Atomik Xport, or CALS. Users can now specify how they would like QuarkXPress whitespace to be handled by Atomik Xport PE. The content grouping options in Atomik Xport PE 1.1 have been enhanced to enable content to be grouped together in the XML export more easily. A fully functional demonstration version is available for both Mac and Windows versions of QuarkXPress 4.1 and 5.01. A QuarkXPress 6.1 version is planned for Q2 2004. The suggested retail pricing for a single-user licence is Pound 695, $995 or Euro 995 depending on the country of purchase. Further pricing for 5, 10, 50 and 100-user licence packs is available upon request. www.easypress.com