Triplehash has released SiteBreeze, a cross-platform desktop-based content management system that creates static HTML websites based on one or more templates. Users can insert images directly from digital camera media, without needing to manually resize and recompress them beforehand to make them “web ready”. A built-in scripting language gives the user the ability to create links that adapt as the content of the website changes. Being desktop-based, the content can be changed offline, and published later, so that dial-up users are not excluded from benefiting from content-management systems. SiteBreeze can be used to create multi-lingual, multiple-version websites. The built-in editor allows side-by-side translation of articles, and custom variables allow for easy changing of copyright notices, tentative dates and so on. The integrated Todo list assists in keeping track of tasks related to your site. Because SiteBreeze generates HTML sites, it works on all web servers. You don’t need to set up any server software. SiteBreeze costs $145(US) for a single-user license, $130 per user for two licenses, and $95 per user for 3 or more licenses, with a source-code license available for $1500. SiteBreeze comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Evaluation copy available on request.