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Day: January 13, 2004

RenderX & Assentis to Provide XML Business Documents Solution

RenderX, Inc. and Assentis Technologies AG announced their agreement to enter into a strategic alliance. This partnership will deliver enhanced products and services to their joint customers worldwide. The combined solution creates the a comprehensive tool for high-quality design of XSL for dynamic documents. Assentis will include RenderX’s product XEP into their professional document solutions — Assentis:WebText, Assentis:DocBase and Assentis:Cockpit. Cockpit, an advanced XSL FO document engineering solution, will integrate with XEP and support its XSL FO extensions. Assentis and RenderX will build a common sales, support, and service organization in the first quarter of 2004. RenderX will be responsible for the joint offering in the United States and Canada. Assentis will cover Europe, the Middle East and Africa.,

Libertas Site Wizard Launched

Libertas Solutions launched its web content management (CM) product for small businesses. Libertas Site Wizard gives small businesses the opportunity to create, edit and manage their own websites through familiar word processing features and “wizard” type forms to build and maintain the site. The Libertas Solutions CMS suite is entirely web based. The Libertas Solutions CMS suite has been developed to meet the specific needs of all types of business users, ensuring that the same core principles are applied to the entry level Libertas Site Wizard product as the enterprise Libertas ECMS product, which has been developed to meet the needs of local government and large corporatations. Also, Libertas Solutions have included the streaming of multi media content in its latest upgrade of the enterprise web content management product, Libertas ECMS.

Tridion Launches 2 Departmental Content Management Solutions

Tridion announced two new content management solutions: Tridion Web Content Management and Tridion Intranet Edition are entry-level solutions aimed at making content management accessible to business units within large organisations and project managers not ready for an enterprise-wide system. The products offer a foundation for managing internal and Web-based content, with the option of adding further modules to scale with the needs of the business as it grows. Tridion Web Content Management Edition enables departments to centralise control of websites and ensure content is created once and repurposed many times. Tridion Intranet Edition is a solution designed to make internal information more accessible to employees. It improves knowledge-sharing within an organisation by ensuring content on the company Intranet is relevant, up-to-date, accurate and readily available. Available with both products is an optional Starter Toolkit. The toolkit incorporates best practice development techniques deployed by Tridion’s Professional Services team and its partners. The toolkit consists of a set of schemas, templates, events, workflow and front-end functionality and aims to reduce overall implementation time.

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