RenderX, Inc. and X-Hive Corporation announced they have established a strategic initiative focused on technology to deliver a comprehensive solution for the management of XML content and high quality print output of that content. The joint solution enables organizations to shift from SGML content to XML structures. X-Hive will embed RenderX XEP software into their Docato software. X-Hive/Docato is an XML-based content management system designed specifically for technical documentation for the management of technical content in a distributed work environment. RenderX XEP was designed to allow developers and end users to dynamically apply sophisticated styles to XML documents and to publish those documents to different platforms. By aligning these solutions together, X-Hive and RenderX provide an e-business solution for creating PDF, PostScript, and other dynamic document packages from XML content stored in X-Hive databases without the need for users to understand the complexities of XML and XSL FO.,