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Day: November 3, 2003

Documentum Extends Partnerships with TRADOS & Lionbridge

Documentum announced a new joint offering with TRADOS and Lionbridge. Extending existing partnerships, the three companies have worked together to integrate the TRADOS Language Server with Documentum 5. By integrating the TRADOS language technology with the Documentum ECM platform, customers can store and reuse previously translated content, accelerate the delivery of content to global markets and have direct, centralized control over their translated content. The TRADOS Language Server for Documentum combines translation memory and terminology management modules with the Documentum ECM platform to enable customers to capture, store and reuse localized content that has been previously translated. As a partner to both Documentum and TRADOS, Lionbridge will provide globalization services to deliver the complete multilingual content management solution.,,

Full Degree & Kodiak Group Partner

Full Degree and The Kodiak Group announced a partnership that provides end-to-end UCCnet-compliant product information management and data synchronization solutions to retailers and manufacturers. Full Degree’s product information management applications combined with Kodiak’s hosted Quick-To-Market solution and UCCnet consulting services enable enterprises to unify and manage disparate product information as well as synchronize data with UCCnet’s GLOBALregistry. UCCnet is a global, Internet-based electronic commerce service that enables companies to synchronize and store product data in a standardized format, ensuring that trading partners have access to accurate, up-to-date, industry-compliant trading information. The UCCnet initiative is growing rapidly across multiple segments of the retail industry.,

Appropria Connects to Vitria:BusinessWare

Vitria announced its partner, Appropria, has added a new connector for the Vitria:BusinessWare integration platform to its ~Advantage product suite. ~Advantage users will now have direct access to the Vitria BusinessCockpit, CommunicationBus and TaskManager workflow functionality from within their ~Advantage portal framework. Supporting Single Sign on, an ~Advantage user with this new connector can now seamlessly search for any content sourced via Vitria’s CommunicationBus, view real-time process metrics obtained via BusinessCockpit and automatically relate these real-time views to supporting content and information. In addition, ~Advantage offers Vitria:BusinessWare users an easy to use portal framework. ~Advantage makes participation in process workflows managed by Vitria’s TaskManager an improved user experience and automatically delivers the information and content users need to make decisions and execute tasks.,

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