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Day: October 20, 2003

Venetica Announces Content Bridge for FileNet ISRA

Venetica announced availability of Content Bridge for FileNet ISRA to allow organizations to access FileNet Image Services through VeniceBridge in a pure UNIX environment. The Content Bridge for FileNet ISRA is an alternative for those customers who do not want to deploy a Windows server in order to access FileNet Image Services content.

Verity Launches Japan Operation

Verity Inc. announced the establishment of Verity Japan K.K. in Tokyo. Verity named Digital Garage a premier distributor of Verity Ultraseek software, formerly known as Inktomi Enterprise Search (IES), in Japan earlier this year. Digital Garage first introduced the Ultraseek product to the Japanese market in 1997. Verity Japan K.K. is located at 15th Floor, Cerulean Tower, 26-1 Sakuragaoka-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, 150-8512, Japan.

Software AG Releases EntireX XML Gateway

Software AG, Inc. announced the availability of EntireX XML Gateway, which enables organizations to publish Adabas data using XML and Web services. EntireX XML Gateway harnesses XML technology to enable the generation and deployment of Web services that read or update data in Adabas. The product includes a browser-based administration tool that supports the deployment of the generated Web services, as well as an adapter that enables access to Adabas (adapters to other relational database management systems are available). EntireX XML Gateway is currently available on Windows 2000 and Windows XP, as well as Sun Solaris 7 and 8; additional platforms are planned. Access to Adabas is supported on all platforms. Supported application servers include JBoss, BEA Weblogic and IBM Websphere. In addition to the adapter to Adabas, EntireX XML Gateway is also available with adapters to Oracle, other relational database management systems, and EntireX Mediator. EntireX XML Gateway is priced at $25,000 per adapter.

FileNet Releases Image Services Resource Adapter

FileNet Corporation announced general availability of its FileNet Image Services Resource Adapter (ISRA), which provides connectivity from applications built on Sun Microsystems’ J2EE to content managed within FileNet Image Services repositories. ISRA, compliant with and built to the J2EE 1.3/Java Connector Architecture (JCA) 1.0 specifications, provides a Java-based solution to address connectivity between application servers and legacy enterprise information systems. The solution is designed for industries that have large-scale integrated content management systems in place. ISRA offers a cost-effective way to repurpose this existing information in new ways as they begin to replace older client/server models with a kind of distributed computing in which a central server acts as an information hub. ISRA supports BEA WebLogic 8.1 and 7.0 SP2 and IBM WebSphere 4.0.4AE application servers and AIX 4.3.3 and above, HP/UX 11.0 and above, Windows 2000 and Sun Solaris 8.0 and above.

Open Text to Acquire IXOS

Open Text Corporation and IXOS SOFTWARE AG announced that they have entered into a business combination agreement in which a wholly owned subsidiary of Open Text will acquire all of the issued and outstanding shares of IXOS. The transaction will proceed via a tender offer for cash consideration of either 9 Euro per share (approximately US$10.46) or 0.2610 of an Open Text share for each share of IXOS tendered. The Open Text share will include a warrant to purchase 0.0742 of an Open Text share for up to one year after closing the transaction, with a strike price of US $41.50 per share. The cash consideration represents a 34% premium based on the three months volume weighted average prior to the announcement. Open Text has approximately 1200 employees and had revenues of US$178 million in the last fiscal year. IXOS has approximately 900 employees and revenues of US$145 million in fiscal year 2002/2003. Open Text will be organized into two divisions. The North American-based division, with operational headquarters in Chicago, will have global responsibility for collaboration and knowledge management solutions as well as North American responsibility for operations. The European-based division, headquartered in Munich, will have global responsibility for content management and archiving as well as European responsibility for operations. Gauss Interprises AG, which was recently acquired by Open Text, will also be part of the European content management division. IXOS’ CEO Robert Hoog will become head of the European organization for Open Text.,

Factiva Search Integrated into Office 2003

Factiva announced that Factiva’s first solution for the Microsoft Office System, Factiva Search, is now commercially available. Factiva Search, integrated with the Microsoft Office 2003 Editions, provides information workers with quick and convenient ways to gain a comprehensive view of the external business environment from within their daily workflow. It allows information workers to conduct research on Factiva’s collection of thousands of sources directly from a report or presentation they’re creating. For example, while drafting a competitive brief in Microsoft Office Word 2003, competitive intelligence professionals can use Factiva Search to quickly look up important industry trends from newspapers, journals, and newswires from around the world and enhance the accuracy and timeliness of their research. Factiva’s platform is based on XML and Web services and is integrated into the Research Task Pane of all the Microsoft Office System programs, including Word 2003, Excel 2003, Access 2003, Outlook 2003, OneNote 2003 and PowerPoint 2003.

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