Tridion has launched a new version of its enterprise content management solution, Tridion R5 version 5.1. New features include the creation of ‘Virtual Folders’, which allow users to save and store the results of their searches in personalised compartments. The solutions document management capabilities have also been enhanced. All document types can now be stored in a single, central source, allowing content to be repurposed for use in Intranets, extranets and websites. In addition, users can now search within unstructured (such as presentations and PDF files) as well as structured content. Upgrades to security and platform compatibility (R5 v5.1 now supports Oracle 9i) mean that the new version is more secure, reliable and scalable. Tridion is also launching two new products modules. Tridion Content Porter allows organisations to extract and re-purpose content residing in legacy systems. Tridion Word Connector 3.0 allows end-users to work directly in Word, rather than using the interface of the content management system. Documents are saved as XML components.